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4 TED talks to inspire better leadership

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Four talks were collated to help inspire some passion into your next steps as a budding leader.

Why? - It's the most viewed TED Talk ever. Passionate, captivating, funny, and makes a point so clearly you'll rip your children from school because they're stifling little Alfie's chance of tearing up Broadway.

What's in for you? - Leading requires you to articulate a need with drive, clarity and unshakeable determination... Just watch the talk, that's all, watch

(Start with ;-)) Why? - If you're in any management or senior leadership role and haven't heard of Simon Sinek yet, please tell me where your tiny bolt hole is, and I will come and join you. The golden circle he describes and the examples given should change the way you wish to approach everything you do.

What's in for you? - It will hopefully lead you to question and change your approach to some of the future actions/directions you take. As simple as it sounds, having a clear 'Why?' you are doing something changes how you deliver the 'What' and the 'How'.

Why? - It's funny. However, it also shows the importance of putting the effort in, no matter how crazy, to get something going!

What's in for you? - If you're a nut and don't want to be a lone nut, this is the video for you. May also add a dash of bravery to your next big presentation or meeting.

Why? - Any leader needs to be able to market their ideas (and movement), and it is all about understanding people's otaku! Of course, why wouldn't it be otaku?

What's in for you? - Seriously, watch this video and, at a bare minimum, learn a little about the diffusion of innovation and what drives people. It also links nicely into the Simon Sinek talk above!

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